Apleona HSG sums up the results of 2018

The conference on year results took place on December, 6th. It united the stuff of Moscow office and representatives from the regional offices. Ramon Knollman, the Managing director from Apleona Germany, was the special guest.

Office representatives had prepared the speeches on such topics as changes in financial laws in Russia, HR department development, increase of company presence in regions. Also, the practical cases were discussed so that to improve the administrative management of the objects, technical equipment optimization and total optimization of services.

The results of 2018 demonstrated the stability of Apleona Russia, despite the economic difficulties and rise of competition in FM sphere. The company got new objects from the industrial sphere. So the purposes of the new year can be connected with further development of industrial objects.

Summing up, the results are positive, Apleona Russia is ready for a new year to start new projects and continually improve the services quality.