Apleona faces new challenges

Owners have different approaches to operational issues at different facilities. There are facilities with a more advantageous location, on which the service staff is withdrawn in full. And the return of more visitors is expected with a high degree of probability. For some sites, the owners are negotiating the reduction of the management company staff on a permanent basis. For regional facilities, the local authorities have not yet decided on the resumption of operation of the malls.

In connection with legislative measures in terms of sanitary-epidemiological treatment of premises and protection of population, the operating companies incurred additional load in terms of supply of facilities with personal protective equipment and disinfection, additional measures for sanitization of surfaces, testing of employees for coronavirus infection COVID-19, etc.

In terms of purchasing activity, there is still a high demand for food and basic necessities, as well as a deferred demand for seasonal goods, in particular for construction materials and goods for summer houses.