Commercial Facility Management

APLEONA RUS takes over real-estate commercial FM by providing the following services:

1. Lease contracts management / Real estate related contracts management

  • Facility-related data collection and information gathering about tenants
  • Control over receipt of lease payments and community charges
  • Drawing up a monthly liabilities payroll
  • Issuing of an annual process costs account
  • Permanent control over indexation and price fluctuation provisions provided in lease contracts
  • Control over the tenants' compliance with treaty and after-treaty commitments
  • Informing the tenants
  • Non-judicial reminders of obligation execution
  • Offers for advance utility charges recalculation
  • Lease guarantees management, consultations on time-urgent lease pledge timely usage and control over meeting of deadlines
  • Keeping records of all replanning systems or tenants' installations approved or coordinated on a contractual basis
  • Assistance in transfer or recovery of leasable property
  • Control over the tenants' moving in or out
  • Assistance in lease contracts dissolution and other lease relations termination
  • Providing support in judicial and non-judicial contests
  • Managing all other contracts with third parties related to real-estate facility upkeep, maintenance and management
  • Providing support to the real-estate facility owner in non-judicial disputes with tenants

2. Insurance contracts management

  • Control over the observance of insurance contracts
  • Timely forwarding notices of loss to the insurance company
  • Informing the facility owner about endamagement
  • Showing the necessity and expediency of introducing some changes or additions to the present insurance contracts or drawing up new insurance contracts
  • Providing support to the facility owner in negotiations or disputes with underwriters
  • Fulfillment of the facility owner's obligations determined by the insurance contracts drawn up between the facility owner and underwriters

3. Reporting, financial management

APLEONA RUS will verify all invoices for payment of charges and other real-estate facility costs including:

  • Facility tax extracts, payments for waste removal, sewerage usage, passage and flues cleaning, water supply, gas supply, power supply, etc.
  • Insurance premiums payment
  • Payment of invoices for operation, maintenance, cleaning and security
  • Payment of invoices for repair works and other construction activities
  • Effecting payments connected with the real-estate facility and its function
  • Control over banking accounts related to the facility including receipt of and effecting all payments for facility management and building operation
  • Effecting  percentage deductions and expenses
  • Annual reports on earnings and expenses for the past year, as well as annual claims and arrears in concurrence with an auditing firm
  • Drawing up business-plans for each calendar year with information about  the possible ways of  lease contracts improvement, operation control costs, maintenance, repairs and additional investments

4. Book-keeping

APLEONA RUS keeps books in accordance with provisions of the Russian Federation laws and carries out:

  • Inventory holdings and fixed assets accounting
  • Accounting of operations connected with flow of funds
  • Expenses accounting
  • Earnings and business activity results accounting
  • Timely invoicing
  • Timely settlement of suppliers' invoices
  • Timely preparation of quarter and annual reporting  to the corresponding taxing authority
  • Timely calculation and payment of taxes

Infrastructural Facility Management includes:

  • Waste/snow removal
  • Landscape design
  • Postal service, delivery service
  • Reception services
  • Security services
  • Warehouse/archive administration
  • Fleet management

Other services:

  • After-construction cleaning
  • Deratization, disinsection, disinfection

For carrying out cleaning and office improvement APLEONA RUS attracts subcontractor companies on a competitive basis and permanently monitors the quality of their work.