Technical Facility Management

Technical Facility Management is intended to provide safe and effective building operation and to create favorable working conditions for employees. Technical management comprises maintenance, repairs, reconstruction and modernization of engineering systems.

APLEONA RUS offers its clients maintenance of engineering systems and communications. Life-support systems require permanent control, assessment and functional adjustment after installation and putting into operation. Using modern computer technologies we provide round-the-clock control, maintenance and management of engineering systems from the central dispatcher panel. It allows our clients to optimize costs on energy supplies and to reduce maintenance expenditures.

Within the scope of technical facility management, APLEONA RUS provides its clients with engineering and technical maintenance of the following systems:

  • Automated control systems
  • Architectural constructions and buildings
  • Air-conditioning and ventilation
  • Water supply and sewerage
  • Lifting and transport equipment (elevators and escalators)
  • Heating system
  • Fire control systems and equipment
  • Security system
  • Local conditioning system
  • Cold supply
  • Power supply and lighting

The quality of APLEONA RUS technical support meets the high standards of modern facility management systems. Our maintenance program is unique for every building. It is based on the inspection of the construction project, analysis of the owner’s goals and objectives, and thus satisfies both financial and technical demands of our clients. In addition to the engineering systems management our clients are provided with the following services:

  • Execution of special-purpose measurements, diagnostics, analysis of civil engineering infrastructure parameters  with the help of specialized measuring devices
  • Initiation, preparation and implementation of engineering systems and equipment inspections carried out by reviewing authorities
  • Carrying out energy auditing and offering the ways of  increasing power efficiency of the buildings
  • Carrying out repair-and-renewal operations, implementation of modernization projects
  • Specialized maintenance using special-purpose equipment, consumables and spare parts (after profound equipment diagnostics)
  • 24-hour remote monitoring of all building systems operation without round-the-clock presence of the technical personnel at the site

The obligatory fixed-schedule maintenance programme is intended to provide effective performance of all engineering systems. It involves the preparing of according maintenance documentation for every building including necessary maintenance periodicity drawings and a list of maintenance works.
Long-term charts of planprophylactic work allow avoiding great repairs expenses. In case of failure equipment repair is carried out by technicians of APLEONA RUS staff.